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Kalkaji Mandir Delhi  
Situated beyond the commercial complex of Nehru Place lies Kalkaji temple dedicated to the Goddess Kalka Devi. Kalkaji mandir is very famous and has numerous devotees thronging it on many religious occasions, throughout the year. Small red flags decorate the temple then, and women outnumber men among the devotees. Folklore is replete with tales of the Kalkaji temple, so much so that one does not know where legend ends and history begins.


This is a very old temple and the oldest part was built up in 1764 A.D. The Kali Temple in Kalkaji boasts of an existence of 3,000 years, although the oldest surviving portion of it dates to 1764-1771 when the Marathas were in power. Looking at the present-day Kalkaji temple one may find it hard to believe that this shrine to Kali is an antique one, where perhaps even the Pandavs and Kauravs had worshiped during the reign of Yudhisthir, whose citadel of Indraprastha had the fabled fairy gates of which bards sang, much like Homer of old, right up to the time of Prithviraj Chauhan.

The temple is situated on a hill and is dedicated to Kali. There is a very distinctive feeling there and the devotees are overwhelmed by light, which stay during the whole night. The power of Ma Kali is ambiguous but powerful. Devotees also try to meditate there and a spectacular tantric aarati is held at about 7 pm. The temple is also quite near to the Bahai Temple, which is just opposite on the other side of a big road.
Kalka Devi Temple is a popular and highly revered shrine of Delhi, the capital city of India. Located at Kalkaji in southern part of Delhi, Kalkaji Temple is close to the famous Lotus Temple. One can easily reach Kalkaji Mandir by taking local buses, auto-rickshaws or by hiring taxis from the city. The temple is dedicated to Kalka Devi, a form of Shakti (Power). Kalka Devi Mandir is very famous and receives plenty of devotees each and every day.
Kalka Devi is known to be one of the incarnations of Goddess Shakti (Durga). Due to this renowned temple, the area came to be called as Kalkaji. The image of the Goddess Kalka is believed to a self-manifested one. The main shrine has twelve sides, made in white marble and granite tiles. In the early 20th century, the present structure was erected by the contributions and donations made by the devotees.
On religious occasions, Kalka Devi temple is thronged by innumerable devotees that come to have a glimpse of the Goddess. It is regarded that Kalka Devi fulfills all the legible wishes of her true devotees. During the time of 'Navratris' (Mar-Apr / Sep-Oct), thousands of devotees come for the 'darshan' of the deity. For the period of nine days, a huge fair is organized in the vicinity of the temple.
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